Molecular Hydrogen Infused Water: Weird Chemistry Experiment or Legitimate Breakthrough?

10 Feb 2018



There’s been a lot of growing buzz lately in the health and wellness community – particularly amongst the biohackers like Ben Greenfield and Dave Asprey and among popular health gurus like Dr. Mercola and Dr. Sircus – about using “molecular hydrogen” – essentially hydrogen gas – and infusing it into water and using it as a health booster. But what is molecular hydrogen (H2) and does it have any serious scientific backing, or is it simply a passing health craze that will soon be debunked?

Well, it turns out H2 has some serious scientific teeth behind it, and the evidence is only continuing to mount.

…So what is molecular hydrogen (H2)?

With every breath of air we inhale, our bodies are attacked by toxic free radicals (unstable molecules with unpaired electrons) formed through the molecular process of oxidation. We are also exposed to these damaging free radicals through a variety of external factors including: exposure to UV radiation, air pollution, toxins, sleep deprivation, stress, cigarette smoke, electromagnetic fields from electronic devices, poor nutrition, exercise, and more. In an attempt to neutralize themselves, these destructive free radicals attack the nearest stable molecule and “steal” its electron. As a result, the “attacked” molecule turns into a free radical and sets off a chain reaction throughout the body.

Although our body is typically equipped to handle free radicals to a certain extent, excessive amounts and the lack of proper antioxidants within the body will lead to seriously damaging consequences, including: oxidative stress, chronic inflammation throughout the body, joint pain, neurodegenerative disease and premature aging. Moreover, free radical damage and inflammation are at the root of chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and more.

Fortunately, our body has a way to wage war on these free radicals: antioxidants. As our body’s first line of defense, these powerful molecules work to prevent or slow down the damage to our cells by stopping free radicals in their tracks. However, not all antioxidants are effective, and many studies have shown that supplemental antioxidants can even be seriously damaging and further exacerbate the risk of disease.

So where does H2 come into the equation?

Molecular hydrogen (H2) is a gas consisting of molecules of two bonded hydrogen atoms. Hydrogen (along with oxygen) is one of the oldest, simplest, and most abundant molecules in the universe, serving as one of the building blocks of life. As the smallest and lightest molecule on earth, the hydrogen atom contains one proton and one electron.

Referred to as “the real fountain of youth,” the most current and credible bodies of research have deemed molecular hydrogen to be the most potent and powerful antioxidant in existence. At a standard temperature and pressure, H2 is colorless, odorless, flavorless, and non-toxic. At low concentrations (typically infused in water), this powerful molecule has repeatedly shown to exhibit tremendously significant therapeutic health benefits and, more importantly, has absolutely no side effects.

Molecular hydrogen works in 3 distinct ways:

H2 is a unique antioxidant in that it is selective, scavenging only the most toxic and damaging free radicals (sources of inflammation, DNA damage, and chronic disease) while avoiding those which are essential in cell signaling (the communication between cells) and proper immune functioning. Thus, H2 effectively works to reduce excessive oxidative stress ONLY under conditions leading to the destruction and damage of our cells. Additionally, as the smallest molecule in the universe, H2 can easily penetrate any cell membrane, including brain cells, neutralizing certain intracellular free radicals that other antioxidants are unable to reach.

H2 helps the body trigger its own antioxidant and cell-protective chemicals, naturally boosting the immune system. For example, H2 activates the NRF2 pathway, the body’s own self-defense system against free radicals, but only when there is an assault (such as a toxin or an injury). In turn, by modulating the expression of antioxidant proteins, H2 naturally boosts the body’s immune system, which may help to effectively combat the onset of numerous diseases and conditions. H2 also has the capacity to reduce the formation of free radicals by down-regulating the NADPH oxidase system (a system responsible for generating the reactive oxygen species (ROS).

H2 helps to improve cell signaling (the communication between cells), which has beneficial metabolic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cell death properties (for healthy cells). While the exact mechanisms behind these processes require further research, H2 has been shown to successfully regulate the expression of over 200 biomolecules, including over 1,000 variations of gene expression. For example, H2 has been shown to down-regulate the expression of pro-inflammatory cytokines, which are involved with promoting systemic inflammation.

The benefits of H2 have been noted in over 1,000 peer-reviewed, scientific studies and articles. These studies show evidence that H2 may have strong potential to benefit whole body and for over 170 health and disease models.

How to Get the Benefits of H2

There are many methods and products available out there to infuse H2 into your water, but not all are created equal. You see, concentration of H2 gas molecules in the water is key – the higher the concentration, the better – and it’s actually quite difficult to get a high amount of H2 into the water.

But at trusii, we’ve pioneered methods of getting the highest concentration of H2 into water to date, and our clients are experiencing absolutely mind-blowing benefits. Check out a brief clip of some of our clients here:

We currently have two methods of getting your H2 on a regular basis:

Ultra-high potency H2 magnesium effervescent tablets (trusii H2Now), and

Ultra-high concentration H2 infusion systems.

We’re currently running an at-home case study on our H2 systems, where you may be eligible to be financially compensated for participating and providing us with feedback!

All in all, molecular hydrogen is poised to be one of the most impactful health discoveries we’ve ever seen… and we’re only hitting the tip of the iceberg in terms of it’s potential for health, wellness, and performance.

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